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Ai image, hand holding artificial intelligence
David Sterenburg, Whereoware
A man typing at a computer to convey data analyzing
Shein product bags
person holding mobile phone
mobile phone reading third party cookies
women looking at tablet in office window
person using chat gpt ai on desktop computer
person shopping for fruit
Michael Mathias, Whereoware CEO
graphs above computer representing ga4 analytics
human hand holding crystal ball with blurred water background
Definition of Optimize.
Man sitting at desk slouched over looking at computer.
Woman with glasses looking at website on desktop computer.
Smiling man looking over packet of papers while talking on mobile phone.
Two business professionals standing next to white board reviewing a diagram or plan.
Person using laptop and mobile phone.
Eric McKenzie, Whereoware's CTO
Digital experience in a hotel lobby. Tall standing screen device
Marcom gold and platinum winners, Whereoware clients
Overhead view of business professionals meeting on reporting.
Two women planning customer experience on white board
Danesco's new website screenshot on desktop computer
User experience on laptop computer
Women sitting at desk looking at computer screen that reads, "How do we keep up?"
Women paying for something at a store using credit card
green code writing against a black background
person shopping on laptop using credit card, ecommerce
Women sitting at computer drinking a cup of coffee
Man writing plan on clear board
team of creators and designers planning a website design and user experience
people celebrating with confetti flying in the air
Person writing design plan on white board holding laptop computer
view of office window overlooking city
person sitting criss cross with laptop in lap looking at website
using google search on mobile device
Computer that reads, designers should always keep users in mind.
women looking at website, designing, user experience
One way sign along the road in nature.
website design on desktop
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