SEO Tip – How SEO grew revenue 701%

Whereoware Search Manager Jay MarkwoodToday, we welcome a guest post from Whereoware’s Senior Search Manager Jay Markwood. Jay specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and executes search, display and remarketing campaigns for paid search clients. 

Jay walked us through how he optimized client’s website for organic search, ultimately growing revenue 701%. See all the steps by downloading the case study, below.


WHO: is an online retailer of Motorola barcode scanners and peripherals.


Launched in February 2014,’s website experienced steady traffic and revenue growth through mid-2015.

Due to increased competition from other online barcode scanner websites,’s traffic and revenue plateaued in July 2015.

SOLUTION: brought in Whereoware in early March 2016 to manage their pay-per-click (PPC) accounts and optimize their website for organic search traffic, conversions, and increased market share.

Get the case study to see how Whereoware identified missed opportunities and executed search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, growing revenue 701% and moving to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Behind the Glasses – Aly

Each month, we interview one of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For October, we get to know Aly Gumprich, our Digital Marketing Associate, a little better.



What’s your name? Aly Gumprich
Job title: Digital Marketing Associate


Favorite food: Rockland’s mac n cheese.
Hidden talents: I’m oddly skilled at keeping a straight face and not laughing during a straight face competition.
If there were a movie of my life, I’d be played by: Leslie Knope or Luna Lovegood (the characters).
One item you’d bring with you to a desert island and why:  A button to travel back to reality – and back to the island – at any moment. This way, I’ll always have the perfect escape: a free beach vacation all to myself, anytime!


Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
iOS or Android: iOS
‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’: Geek Chic, obviously 🙂
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars. Although, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are my go-to favorites.

What’s the best part about working at Whereoware?

The people, culture, and personal and professional growth opportunities. It’s a continuous learning environment that’s challenging, rewarding, and fun to be a part of. The free drinks and snacks are a big plus, too!

Analytics Tip – Life Made Easier – GA Announces Properties Movable Across Accounts!

The Skinny

You can now move properties across accounts in Google Analytics and Analytics 360.

If you feel like exclaiming, “YASSS/YESS/ HALLELUJAH” at the sound of this good news from Google Analytics, we will surely join you!

What’s a Property?

It’s important to understand the elemental hierarchy in Google Analytics to understand how a property fits into the grand scheme of things. This article here helps break down each segment and how they relate to one another, most importantly properties and accounts. Here’s the visual used in the article to show the relationships:

Google Analytics Relationship

A property is a “resource associated with your tracking code (property ID)”. In a nutshell it’s the thing that sends data to Google Analytics about your Account using the tracking/property ID. There are two types of properties: website and mobile app and you can have up to 50 properties associated with each account.

Cool – How Do You Do It?

Only users with full access (edit and manage users) to both accounts can move properties.

1. Log into your Google Analytics account
2. Click into the Admin section
3. Select the property you’d like to move + click on “property settings”
4. In the top right there is a “move property” button
5. Indicate the source account (current account) and destination account (other account).

Find more information on the process here.

Why Would You Want to Move Properties?

Maybe you were one of the early adopters of Google Analytics over 10 years ago, and since then you’ve added different versions of your accounts for the same website. Previously, properties were fixed to the account they were created in. Now that you can move properties from one to another, simplifying your accounts is now easier than ever.

The Impact on Marketers

This is great news. If you were previously stuck with an agency who had your property under their account, you can now reclaim ownership! With the new year just around the bend, take this time to organize and simplify any properties that are in multiple locations or old/inactive accounts to the most recent iteration. You can now also group properties to better organize within your account. Reporting within Google Analytics and Analytics 360 is easier now that you don’t need to waste time and effort pulling reports across multiple accounts for different properties. With the ability to move and house all in one it definitely removes the headache that we all faced before.

B2B + B2C Webinars – 3 Steps to Holiday Readiness

B2B and B2C Holiday Readiness WebinarsIn August, we presented two webinars, 3 Simple Steps to B2B Holiday Readiness, and 3 Simple Steps to B2C Holiday Readiness, to help everyone start planning for the busy holiday sales season.

Well, we received so much great feedback and requests to re-present these webinars, we just couldn’t say no!

Please join us on October 26 and/or October 27, as we re-present everything you need to whip your holiday marketing and website into shape in three simple steps.


You’ll get:

1. Simple website updates to convert holiday shoppers
2. Email tactics to boost holiday sales
3. Creative, omni-channel holiday campaign inspiration


B2B Holiday Readiness Webinar: Wednesday, October 26 from 12 to 1 p.m. EST

B2C Holiday Readiness Webinar: Thursday, October 27 from 12 to 1 p.m. EST

Whereoware wins DC Inno’s 2016 Coolest Companies!

DC Inno hosted their annual DCFest last night. We’re so excited to be named one of two (shoutout to LivingSocial) Reader’s Choice winners for DC Inno’s Coolest Companies competition! 10 coolest companies were announced (see the list here)winners at the festival, 8 editorial + 2 Reader’s Choice – congrats to all companies!!

Our fabulous employees had a great time networking, spreading Whereoware love, and celebrating! Check out some pics from the event below:

2016 Litmus Email Design Conference San Francisco Recap

Digital Graphic Designer Breanne BradyToday, we welcome a guest post from our Digital Graphic Designer Breanne Brady. Bre designs beautiful, effective emails and landing pages, and specializes in responsive design.

Today, she’s following the lead of team members who shared their takeaways from TEDC Boston, and filling us in on what we missed in San Francisco. 

Last week, The Litmus Email Design Conference (TEDC) tour made its final stop in San Francisco.

I jumped into the scene as a #TEDC newbie. I was excited to surround myself with fellow #emailgeeks (and the promise of Litmus socks!).

I was welcomed by an overwhelming love for email.

Takeaways from The Litmus Email Design Conference San Francisco:

1. Email is a privilege, not a right.

Andrea Mignolo explained how an email’s impact can be personal and valuable when it’s designed with intention. Email can also have the opposite impact, and make customers feel like just another transaction.

2. Why should your email audience care?

Alex Williams shared 10 years of email design experience in “Tricks, Traps, and Truths.”

Every email needs a point of view: the what, why, and how. Williams says, “if the email doesn’t have a point, you probably shouldn’t be sending it.”

3. Every email recipient matters.

Your email doesn’t have to look the same on every browser, but every user matters.

Eric Leptit shared his journey creating and deploying interactive emails for Nest. He talked about the challenges of dealing with different email clients’ constraints. These constraints may be annoying, but they’re also motivation to innovate.

TEDC is worth your time

The advice and support gained from The Litmus Email Design Conference San Francisco sent me back to Whereoware with a headful of ideas (and a new Litmus wardrobe!).

I had an awesome two days, learning and collaborating with my fellow email geeks. Thanks for an unforgettable experience, TEDC!

Spotlight by Whereoware Wins 2016 DMA Innovation Award

Spotlight by Whereoware wins a 2016 DMA Innovation Award

September 20, 2016, Chantilly, Va. – Spotlight by Whereoware, a B2B mobile sales application, won a 2016 DMA Innovation Award in the Audience Management category.

The Innovation Awards, sponsored by Google and presented by the Direct Marketing Association, celebrate companies delivering game-changing technologies and platforms that advance the capabilities of the Marketing Industry.

Spotlight has rapidly grown to process more than $1 billion in sales supporting the sales forces of top gift and home and furniture vendors, and consumer product and equipment wholesalers. (Watch the demo, below.)

Spotlight helps professional sales reps book more sales, faster, by providing instant and up-to-date access to everything they need – from online catalogs to customer purchase history, product trends to analytics-driven product recommendations, and more.

Whereoware’s CEO and veteran sales leader, Eric Dean, “We’re thrilled to accept this award from the DMA. Spotlight is the result of a few decades experience working with professionals selling products. The national recognition is extremely gratifying.”

Whereoware and six other winners will accept their awards and showcase their innovations at &THEN, the DMA Annual Event, taking place in Los Angeles, CA, October 16 – 18.

For additional inquiries or a free demo, contact Alyson Hunter, Senior Internal Marketing Manager,, 703-483-4042

About Spotlight

Spotlight turns sales reps into superstars with real-time customer behavior and product information. Reps deliver better sales presentations by speaking to customers’ unique pain points and product interests. Everything reps need is at their fingertips – from digital, interactive catalogs and automatic order taking, to customer purchase history, website browse activity, and analytics-driven recommendations.
In addition to a 2016 DMA Innovation Award, Spotlight won Best B2B Mobile Application at the 2014 MobileWebAwards and a 2015 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Smarter Commerce Solution. Book more sales faster with Spotlight.

About DMA:

Founded in 1917, DMA is the community that champions deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing. DMA’s membership is made up of today’s leading tech and data innovators, brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies. By representing the entire marketing ecosystem – from demand side to supply side – DMA is uniquely positioned to bring win/win solutions to the market and ensure that innovative and disruptive marketing technology and techniques can be quickly applied for ROI.

DMA advances the data-driven marketing industry and serves its members through four principal pillars of leadership: advocating for marketers’ ability to responsibly gather and refine detailed data; innovating to bring solutions forward for marketers’ most vexing challenges; educating today’s marketers to grow and lead marketing organizations in the ever-increasing omnichannel world; and connecting industry participants to stay current, learn best practices and gain access to emerging solutions through &THEN – the largest global event for data-driven marketing – and DMA’s portfolio of other live events.

Behind the glasses – Naynish

Whereoware Web Developer Naynish Each month, we’ll be interviewing one of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For September, we get to know Naynish, our Web Developer, a little better.


What’s your name? Naynish Chaughule
Job title: Web Developer


Favorite food: Why have ABS when you can always have KEBABS?
Hidden talents: Singing, dancing, and obviously, laziness (hides all of my other talents).
If there was a movie of my life, I’d be played by: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.
One item you would bring with you to a desert island and why: Iron Man Suit.
In a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be: I would use a Sig Sauer P226 pistol, M4 Carbine, and a knife.


Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
iOS or Android: iOS
‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’: Geek
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

What’s the best part about working at Whereoware?

I love working at Whereoware. There’s a good sense of team spirit. I enjoy working as part of a highly committed and professional team. Our culture supports big steps and powerful beliefs – what’s beautiful about this approach is that it’s a self-reinforcing environment. All of these efforts support one another, and together, create an organization that is creative, fun, hardworking, and highly productive.

Email tip – Gmail announces support of media queries and CSS

Welcome Dan Caro, Whereoware’s Director of Marketing Operations. Dan specializes in behavior-based marketing automation strategy, e-commerce marketing, and conversion optimization. He’s psyched to share today’s news…

Welcome to the 21st century, Gmail!

In case you missed it, Gmail announced the support of  <style>  tags and media queries. Start celebrating #emailgeeks!



Before yesterday,  email designers had to rely on inline CSS to style their emails. Lack of support for media queries led to the spongy/fluid/hybrid design revolution in email.

Now, Gmail says they’ll finally support media queries and responsive email. This gives email designers more flexibility and fewer hoops to jump through, saving stress and time.

You can find Gmail’s official documentation here.

Soon, Gmail will support:
• Embedded styles
• Classes and IDs
• Media queries
• Background-position and background-size
• *Animations, transitions, and transforms will still not be supported

What do we think?

Senior Digital Marketing Manager Shauna PlesmidSenior Digital Marketing Manager Shauna is pumped:

“From a B2C perspective, the majority of our audiences are reading emails and browsing websites on their mobile devices. Previously, creating a good mobile experience on the Gmail and Inbox platforms required us to adapt different development techniques – sometimes sacrificing a better experience on another client. I’m glad to see Google putting its customers’ experience on their platforms at the forefront of their priority list… Finally :)”

Digital Graphic Designer Breanne BradyDigital Graphic Designer Breanne’s initial reaction?

OMG. SPEECHLESS. This is a HUGE reason to encourage clients to try new development ideas. Before, it was hard to make the case for something cool that would take a lot of work, but wouldn’t be seen by a chunk of their customers.” 

Whereoware’s Senior Graphic Designer Jason is still skeptical.

My range of emotions: 

Gmail to support media queries

skeptical cat is skeptical

Elf You're sitting on a throne of lies

What’s Gmail’s change mean for you?

More than 75% of email clients will support responsive design. Although Outlook is still an outlier (excluding Outlook App for Android), go ahead and design using media queries. This latest release should also allow more support for specialized, web-based fonts, like Google Fonts.

The world is your oyster. Go out there and start designing better emails (except on Outlook, but Litmus is working on it).

Media Race 2016 – Political Digital Marketing in The Upcoming Election

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Digital Marketing Associate Leslie McCrea. Leslie is responsible for behavior-driven email marketing campaigns and strategy for B2B and B2C clients.

A history-making moment

Leslie McCrea Whereware's Digital Marketing AssociateWe are in the midst of one of the most digital media-based elections in history. There’s unparalleled opportunity for candidates to connect with the general public, but also more real-time scrutiny. This ongoing case study of political digital marketing and transformative technology is driven by more than just a desire to win; it’s the result of a media-craving society.

Three out of four American voters have both a smartphone and a Facebook account. The use of technology, media interactivity, and mobile channels built an entirely new data-driven canvas for political campaigning. It’s prominence grew since the 2012 election, but more notably, since Obama first ran and took office in 2008.

Since 2008, Facebook grew up, email databases became the norm, and multimedia content was introduced. With a stack of interchangeable parts in motion – web design, email content, social media, and user content, to name a few – the remaining two months of this historical presidential race are bound to be interesting. Politics, technology, marketing, and social ethics are at a new crossroads.

Trump and Clinton – Pushing Boundaries in Political Digital Marketing

This year, the role of direct-to-consumer media jumped the ladder to become an influential avenue for political conversation. The 2016 election has not only challenged the candidates, but also the public, to make this whole experience just a bit more casual. Let’s take a look at how Trump and Clinton communicate.

Trump – The Celebrity Marketer

Many tactics in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign mimic those of an A-list celebrity. The campaign centers around two main fundamentals playing off of each other:
Continue reading Media Race 2016 – Political Digital Marketing in The Upcoming Election