Whereoware marketing automation partner Silverpop to be acquired by IBM

We got big news from Atlanta yesterday. As you may have heard, our partner Silverpop announced their acquisition by technology giant IBM. It was just a matter of time before Silverpop was acquired, as we’ve seen similar large technology companies acquire big players in the marketing automation space: Adobe and Neolane, Salesforce and ExactTarget, Oracle and Eloqua, and others.

We are thrilled for Silverpop and excited to see what’s in store for us as Silverpop’s largest agency partner. IBM offers the increased investment capacity, technologies, global reach, industry expertise, and support to take Silverpop to the next level. IBM, meanwhile, just landed the best group of visionaries in the marketing automation space.

What does it mean to you, as a Whereoware customer?

We are feeling extremely positive about this news and you should too. We think the additional resources will only improve an already exceptional product. Silverpop will have a deep pool of resources and expertise to help them accelerate product development, sales, and marketing. Whereoware will, of course, continue to keep abreast of all the latest and greatest in marketing automation in general, and Silverpop in particular, and we’re confident our clients will benefit as we grow with Silverpop. For specifics on the benefits of the combined IBM – Silverpop offering see:

Silverpop Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions

A Message From Silverpop’s CEO

IBM To Acquire Silverpop To Help Marketers Deliver Personalized Customer Engagements

No short or intermediate term changes are expected at this time. We won’t have acquisition specifics until the deal closes. We have our ears to the ground and have already extended ourselves to Silverpop leadership to help them make this acquisition a home run in every way we can.

Please contact us on our website or at info@whereoware.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

The Heartbleed bug – Whereoware websites NOT affected

Steampunk SpiderYou have probably heard about the Heartbleed bug, an Internet security breach that’s made some passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive online information vulnerable to certain hackers online. The name alone evokes terror. We wanted to reassure you that not all websites, and specifically NO Whereoware websites, are affected by the Heartbleed bug.

What do I need to know?

Almost all cases of the Heartbleed bug have been found in websites running on OpenSSL software — an encryption service to protect information sent to and from Web pages. In layman’s terms, this means hackers are able to view and access information on sites that were encrypted specifically to keep this personal information safe.

OpenSSL is an open source implementation of secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, and is therefore generally used for open source operating systems like Linux. Almost all cases of this bug have been seen on Linux web servers running Apache.

Whereoware runs Windows servers that use IIS. These servers do not use OpenSSL.

Effected websites running on OpenSSL are deploying patches, testing, and working steadfastly to secure their systems. There are mixed reviews on whether or not changing your website passwords is effective at this point. Your best bet is to continue to monitor your bank statements and online account activity and pay attention to updates in the news.

WOW products: Spotlight iPad app case study

Raising the bar on sales rep training with real-time productivity data

Get a free pdf of the Interlude Home case study:

As a multi-category product provider managing a national salesforce, Interlude Home needed a better way to monitor the products and product categories sales reps showed customers on sales calls to improve rep training and balance sales.

Interlude outfitted sales reps with Whereoware’s Spotlight iPad sales application. With Spotlight, Interlude monitors sales activity in real-time (including customers visited and products shown on calls). With real-time insight, leadership personalizes sales rep training and increases sales.

Want to learn how one Interlude sales rep increased sales 16% with Spotlight? Download our free 6-page case study for a more in-depth look at Spotlight’s features!

Spotlight for Sales

Web tip: the 3 C’s of website navigation

Exploring your website should be a stress-free, positive experience for customers. Your site’s navigation can hugely impact whether your visitors have a positive or negative experience on your website and with your brand. Lucky for you, you have control over your site navigation.

Today, we outline the Three C’s of successful website navigation (clear, concise, and consistent) to ensure your customers enjoy their experience and come back for more. Before we tackle the Three C’s, let’s review a few tactics that support a clear, concise, and consistent site navigation. Continue reading

Marketing automation tip: Gmail’s new unsubscribe link – don’t panic

For businesses sending emails to engage customers, designing beautiful emails with exciting copy is only half the battle.

gmail iconBefore hitting send, you must guarantee your email is effective, readable, and deliverable. Subject lines should be A/B tested to best grab attention and improve deliverability. Layout and design must be tested using tools like Litmus.com to ensure the email renders properly in dozens of email clients, tablets, and mobile devices. Scheduling and frequency should be considered, so you don’t irritate your email list with too many emails. Continue reading

WoW products: Spotlight for your Designers, Retailers, + Consumers

The Whereoware development team has been hard at work! Introducing, Spotlight for Designers, Retailers, + Consumers – an intuitive iPad app to showcase your complete product collection from anywhere, no WiFi required.

Spotlight Designer Dashboard

Sell with Confidence:

  • Access up-to-date product information with automatic updates
  • Show off products with high resolution photos
  • Email customers branded product sheets, wishlists, and personalized presentations (with or without prices)
  • All product details (dimensions, materials, available finishes) at reps’ fingertips
  • App works everywhere, with or without WiFi

Contact us for a free demo!

Want to see Spotlight in action? Check out the Interlude Home app in the iPad app store.

Web Tip – Growing your email list with popovers

Most businesses achieve continuous sales growth year after year by nurturing existing relationships with customers and acquiring new customers through engagement and outreach. A robust, accurate email list is the foundation of nurture/acquisition efforts in the digital space.

But developing, maintaining, and especially, growing an email list is not easy. Popular ways to grow your email lists online include contact us opt-in forms (often on a contact us page), newsletter opt-in forms (frequently in the header or footer of the homepage or multiple pages), or opt-in forms trading value (in the form of a discount, white paper, demo, etc.) for the site visitor’s contact information. Today’s blog post features an email acquisition strategy that you’ve likely experienced as a consumer: the popover.

Aren’t popover’s muffins?

No, not that popover! A popover (sometimes called a pop-up window, a lightbox, or an overlay) is an advertisement or webform that appears on a web page, often times requesting an email address or other information, in exchange for an incentive. Popovers appear on top of website content, not in a new window.

Popovers are popping up more frequently. According to the 2013 Email Market Study from Experian Marketing Services, the number of marketers using pop-up windows on their website to collect email addresses increased 107%, more than doubling from last year.”

Our partner Silverpop backs up this claim, “we have seen 200-400% lifts in web form submittals via popovers.” When implemented with the user’s experience in mind, popovers are an effective way to capture email addresses and supplement your other email acquisition strategies.
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Marketing automation tip: personalized emails are irresistible

Admit it – technology is awesome. As a digital agency specializing in all thing’s online, you could argue we’re a bit biased, but FaceTime? GPS? iPads? Smart thermostats? Remote car starters on a snowy day? Online shopping, while watching Netflix and browsing Pinterest? All awesome!

These technical advances automating our daily lives save us time, hassle, and money, but some argue that our innovations cost us valuable personal interactions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! At Whereoware, we combine the efficiency of automation with a one-to-one approach to digital marketing – personalizing interactions with our customers on an individual basis, instead of treating all customers like one generic group.

Personalization is win-win

In our opinion, our approach is win-win: we deliver customers’ relevant content to make their lives easier, which in turn, boosts customer engagement with our brand. But it’s not only our opinion. Results of the one-to-one approach speak for themselves.

According to the 2013 Email Marketing Study from Experian Marketing Services, personalized promotional mailings have “29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings, and generate transaction rates and revenue per email that is more than six times higher than non-personalized emails.”

Results from automated campaigns triggered by online behavior show similar results. According to the same Experian study, “personalized, triggered mailings have 25% higher unique open rates and 51% higher unique click rates, and deliver more than double the transaction rates of non-personalized, trigger mailings.”
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