Volvo Portal Connects Customers and Dealerships

A live portal and customized user interface (UI) enhances operational efficiencies and streamlines customers' experience.

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Volvo is a leader in the luxury automotive industry that touts safety, sustainability, and personalization above all else. Volvo is a global brand headquartered in Sweden with hundreds of dealerships located around the United States.

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Volvo sought to improve the relationship between corporate and independent dealerships by streamlining the customer experience and helping internal teams interact more effectively.

Volvo homepage portal

Supporting both Dealership staff and Customers with one live portal

Creating a live portal for all Volvo Cars USA dealerships enabled local marketing managers to spend more time supporting dealers, while improving customers' experience.

Built on Salesforce Digital Experience Cloud, the custom interface enables multiple dealership user types across the nation to interact more effectively with Volvo Cars USA’s corporate departments. Key UI success metrics included user adoption, ease-of-use, brand reinforcement, and privacy of high-impact information.

The extremely custom interface increases operational efficiency at the dealership level by:

  • Streamlining sales and reports
  • Introducing workflow automation
  • Mitigating risk by reducing loss on common transactions
  • Empowering dealerships to provide their employees with corporate-led training
Volvo portal on mobile and laptop view

Customers also receive a better experience and higher satisfaction by:

  • Simplifying dealership experiences, like test drives, sales, and maintenance
  • Making it easier to schedule appointments
  • Empowering customers to address additional issues and maintain post-sales relationships

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  • Customer support cases decreased 40-50%
  • Dealerships save an average of $700K annually in service related transactions
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