Skeeter Boats CRM Program Powers Growth and Acquisition

Driving lifetime brand loyalty and repeat purchases through a smart Customer Relationship Strategy that leverages personalization and automation. This year, Skeeter launched the Big Fish – Reel Stories campaign to drive cross-channel engagement.

Skeeter Boats CRM Program Powers Growth and Acquisition

The CRM Onboarding program uses personalization and automation to deepen Skeeter's relationship with boat owners.

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Skeeter Products, a Yamaha boat company, is a world-class manufacturer of performance fishing boats. For over 70 years, Skeeter has set the standard in engineering and innovation, bringing fishing enthusiasts the ultimate bass boats.

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In an already fiercely competitive market, strong growth in the personal recreation segment, and bass boats in particular, has led to a sharp increase in competition among manufacturers. Skeeter Boats needed an innovative customer relationship strategy to not only differentiate their brand, but to also engage prospective owners, increase brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases.  

Skeeter Fishing Boats email campaign reel fish

After developing a focused customer experience (CX) Strategy, Whereoware defined and built an innovative Customer Relationship program to enable Skeeter Boats’ future marketing efforts, including:

  • Marketing automation and data tools to serve as a foundation for Skeeter’s digital marketing programs.
  • Templated and mobile-optimized digital assets that were flexible enough to be used across virtually any form of content.
  • Persona-driven personalization to target customers with seasonal, geographic, and product-related content.
  • Automated email programs to deliver relevant content and drive engagement across the customer’s journey.

With Skeeter Boats’ marketing infrastructure in place, Whereoware developed and launched the Customer Relationship Program.

The personalized post-purchase emails target boat owners with welcome, resources, and lifestyle content to strengthen Skeeter Boats’ relationships with current customers, improve their brand experience, and drive repeat purchases.

Launching in August 2021, the program is outperforming Industry averages:

  • 43% Open Rate (more than double the 18% Industry average)
  • 11% Click Rate (more than triple the 2.6% Industry average click rate).

Furthermore, engagement has consistently remained high across multiple program touchpoints.

Enter to win Skeeter Boats Reel Stories Contents

Big Fish. Reel Stories

To cultivate a personal connection with owners, drive brand engagement, and increase organic visibility, Whereoware and Skeeter launched the Big Fish. Reel Stories Cross-Channel Campaign.

The campaign combines email, website, and social media channels to build personal connections and relationships surrounding fishing and the outdoor lifestyle.

The campaign asked Skeeter owners to share their best fishing stories and experiences for the chance to win the grand prize.

The Strategy:

  • Personalized email content, based on purchase type, geography, and season
  • Optimized emails for mobile and dark mode
  • Integrated mixed media, like video and TikTok

Whereoware announced the campaign through personalized emails to owners that included a webform for them to share their stories and photos.

The campaign resulted in high engagement and email performance doubling industry averages, with users eager to share their favorite stories through webform submissions and social media comments. Skeeter received compelling user generated content to use for future promotional efforts across email and social.


  • Wins Gold for Integrated Campaign-Marketing Effectiveness from Davey Awards

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Now we can add value to our customers’ experience.

"Onboarding new customers to the Skeeter lifestyle and brand is what this new campaign is all about and it’s more important than ever right now. Now that we have all our data centralized, we can add value to our customers’ experience with our boats, while building a strong community around the Skeeter brand. What we’ve announced today is the first step in a multi-phase customer experience project.”

Joanne Obryant

Skeeter’s Marketing Manager