Data Accuracy and Management for Briya Schools

A custom-built Salesforce application and portal streamlines how teachers, administrators, and parents manage student education, while improving data management efficiencies – getting more done, with less time and energy.

Improving Data Accuracy and Management for Briya Schools

A custom-built Salesforce application and portal streamlines how teachers and administrators manage the full student picture while improving data management efficiencies – getting more done with less time and energy.

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Briya is a public charter school with four campuses in Washington, DC that educates adults and young children across 650 families. Families enroll in Briya's two-generation program together: parents study ESL or Workforce Development, while their children receive a high-quality early education.

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Briya's laborious, manual, Excel-based school management system was increasingly problematic and time-consuming for teachers and school administrators.

Briya needed a modern, streamlined data collection system to help teachers and admins track the full student experience.

Briya Schools salesforce instance sis

A Holistic Student Picture

We designed and implemented a Salesforce-based system for Briya to track the full student lifecycle from registration, enrollment, class schedule, attendance, and grade keeping.

The custom School Information System (SIS) enables Briya’s staff to register, enroll, manage, grade, and track the academic progress of their diverse student base, plus automated government reporting and flexibility to scale to meet future needs.

SIS Platform Features:

Briya’s teachers use the Attendance App to:

  • record student attendance
  • see critical metrics, alerts, and trends on their students at-a-glance
  • sign-off on data marked available for government reporting requirements.

Administrators, meanwhile, can build and customize a School Calendar to include holidays, school cancellations, field trips, events, or even a substitute teacher filling in for a class. The calendar also integrates with the attendance app for reporting accuracy.

Briya Schools SIS for parents, students and teachers

Gradebook provides teachers easy access to:

  • enter student grades, view saved assignments, and create custom views by a set of criteria filters.
  • calculate students' cumulative grades using a built-in grading algorithm, based on assignments, quizzes, exams, and attendance hours - saving teachers time.

Automated Reporting is set to run daily to:

  • automatically compile, map, and format real-time data into five different files.
  • enable government agency access via an ODBC connection from their system.

To support all levels of users, we supplied Training and Change Management to educate on Salesforce's features, which include creating data records, creating custom page views, assigning profiles to users, and running reports.

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  • In 2018, received the Data Excellence Award from the DC Public Charter School Board
  • 463K attendances recorded to date
  • 315 custom reports generated

Briya has experienced a significant decrease in wasted administrative time, redundancy, and data errors, while increasing student insights.

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