Danesco Launches Modern Self-Serve Website

Strategic optimizations improve product discovery and deliver an elevated B2B buying experience.

Danesco Launches Modern Self-Service Website

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Danesco is a consumer goods distributor specializing in kitchen and housewares products.  A leader in the Canadian market, Danesco offers full-service sales, marketing, and distribution to some of the biggest and best brands in the industry.  Founded in 1963, Danesco is renowned for its customer service, retail channel management, and impressive portfolio of brands and products.

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Danesco aimed to modernize their B2B e-commerce website and deliver an elevated customer experience.


Danesco's modern website creates a frictionless e-commerce experience by combining an elevated look and feel, strategic user experience (UX) optimizations, and robust self-service capabilities.

A methodical navigation, intuitive product filters, and a visual search help customers navigate the large volume of SKUs, while product recommendations guide new product discovery.

A simple CMS, meanwhile, empowers Danesco to make updates, create promotions, and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Built on the Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, the website is replete with B2B self-service features enabling retailers and sales representatives to easily order inventory and discover new products. Self-Serve capabilities include:

  • Logged-in retailers see MSRP, wholesale pricing, promotional pricing, order quantity minimums, and product inventory status.
  • Retailer portals give retailers access to recent orders, wish lists, order history, and invoices, plus a click to-reorder feature expedites repeat purchases.
  • Sales reps can place an order on their customers’ behalf and build product recommendations based on past purchase history.  
  • Access to product inventory (the site is integrated with their ERP system) helps to drive better sales outcomes.
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