Babel Health Cuts Insurance Claim Submission Process from Hours to Minutes

The single, scalable data management solution drastically reduces insurance claim submission complexity and time.

Babel Launches Single Scalable Data Management Platform

Drastically reducing claim submission time, and enhancing user (UX) experience for government health agencies.

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Babel Health is a cloud-based platform that provides an innovative, customer-focused approach to the risk adjustment submission solutions. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Babel built a SaaS application for insurance providers that leverages proprietary healthcare data specific to the ETL platform.

Agency Services
Custom Software Solutions
User Experience (UX)

Submitting government medical claims requires absolute precision, but specific data requirements and processes at each healthcare agency makes it difficult for insurance companies to process claims efficiently. 

Babel set out to develop a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized insurance companies, where all data is seamlessly collected, collated, and managed in one place.


Complex Healthcare Data Made Clear with holistic cloud-based platform

With an innovative approach to data evaluation, Babel's interface provides an enhanced and streamlined user experience for insurance companies to evaluate, edit, and submit critical data. Insurance companies gain full transparency, analytical control, and time savings to make better business decisions with limited resources. 

Babel Health Salesforce app view for customers

Working closely with the team at Babel to architect and design a user-friendly product, we:

  • Built increasingly complex prototype iterations, starting with minimum viable products and increasing functionality as features were added based on customer feedback.
  • Worked closely with subject matter experts and end users to design a user-focused solution from scratch.
  • Created a consistent visual design language by creating and implementing a repeatable UI kit and design process.
  • Followed agile UX processes (sprint-based development), allowing remote development teams to envision the future, while staying focused on current iterations.

Additionally, Babel’s custom mapping tool cleans data to ensure claims data from providers matches the Medicare/Medicaid requirements. In this way, Babel can identify repeated errors and correct providers’ future submissions, continually improving Babel’s return on investment by ending continuous frustrating rejections of valuable submission reimbursements.

Babel Health App Time Savings Comparison

The Results

Babel Health solves the issues hurting insurers bottom line - reducing time and expense associated with risk adjustment submissions, while optimizing their customers' revenue opportunities.

Health insurance companies can quickly identify errors and focus on maximizing reimbursement dollars, saving hundreds of hours of admin time and increasing cost savings.

Babel's custom software solution delivers a more user-friendly experience:

  • One-stop shop for following a claim from submission to reimbursement, clearly presenting the impact of each claim to the company in dollars.
  • Improved display of complex data helps users easily perform critical functions, without detailed specialized knowledge.
  • Custom dashboard solutions allow users to view trends, outliers, and overall program health

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