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Is web accessibility putting your business at legal risk? Are you excluding millions of potential customers from learning about your business, engaging with your brand, or buying your products?

We teamed up with our technology partner Acquia to update our 2024 Self-Guided Website Accessibility Audit – a step-by-step checklist to improve website accessibility, inclusivity, and UX, plus guidance on building a corporate culture of accessibility.

The best part? Better website accessibility equals better digital design.

The same accessibility improvements that protect your company from lawsuits and financial risk, improve the website experience for ALL USERS.

Whereoware's Self-Guided Website Accessibility Checklist cover page. Cover is of man in wheel chair with laptop.

2024 Website Accessibility Checklist

Our 2-part Web Accessibility Checklist offers tips and tools to improve your digital experience. You'll find our:

  • Self-Guided Website Accessibility Audit outlines steps to quickly improve your website accessibility, inclusivity, and UX for all users.
  • Accessibility Culture Checklist offers strategic recommendations to plan, manage, and prioritize accessibility projects and build continuous accessibility optimization into your corporate culture.

Complete our form to access our Accessibility Checklist. Need more? Contact Us and ask about our interactive Accessibility, Usability, Heuristics, and Competitor Audits and Workshops.

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