Skeeter Boat on water with two men fishing

Skeeter Performance Fishing Boats for Integrated Campaign

Skeeter Boats partners with Whereoware for strategic CRM marketing automation strategy and execution. This year, they launched the Big Fish - Reel Stories campaign to drive cross-channel engagement.

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Skeeter Boats Multi-Media Strategy

The Challenge: Skeeter Boats needed a strong digital marketing foundation to engage new customers, increase brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases to deepen relationships with boat owners.

The Solution: Whereoware developed a strategic CRM marketing automation strategy (combining personalized content, website optimization, and multi channel marketing) to help Skeeter Products, Inc. (a Yamaha boat company) nurture their customers at the right time and with the right message. Whereoware consistently optimizes the CRM strategy, to include:

  • Personalizing email content based on purchase type, geography, and season (for example, reminding individuals in cold weather states to winterize their boats at the appropriate cadence)
  • Building an email template to create efficiency
  • Optimizing the templates for dark mode
  • Integrating mixed media, like video and TikTok

Campaign Highlight -

Big Fish. Reel Stories Campaign - To nurture brand engagement and increase organic visibility, Whereoware and Skeeter launched a content spanning email, their website and social media.

The campaign asked Skeeter customers to share their best fishing stories. Whereoware sent emails to promote the campaign, which linked to a webform where customers could tell their fishing tale and share photos.

A winner was selected to win a prize. This campaign drove a ton of engagement, with users eager to share their stories both directly in the webforms and within social comments.

Skeeter Boats reel campaign email
Skeeter Boats email campaign layout