Knowledge is Power

Objective and strategic analysis and roadmapping – rooted in data and customer-obsession – offers a powerful path forward to reveal business risk and unlock untapped opportunity.

Our premium Audits and Workshops (Accessibility, Usability, Heuristics, and Competitive) are meticulously designed by our team of technology, design, and marketing specialists to hand you this confident path forward.

Choose one, or combine audits, to empower your teams with precise data, practical advice, and a prioritized roadmap to bypass distractions and advance your ambitions.

Comprehensive Audits + Workshops

*Our audits apply to all digital experiences – we’ll help you improve your website, Salesforce, mobile applications, online portals, internal systems, and more.


Reveal and resolve accessibility issues to avoid legal risk and poor CX.


Get quick wins, fixable issues and persona recommendations to improve your website.


Identify confusion and friction to streamline the path to purchase or conversion.


Understand your market position and outmaneuver your competitors.

Accessibility Audit

Deliver a better digital experience for ALL users by revealing and resolving accessibility issues, before you face legal risk. Our Accessibility Audit provides actionable data and recommendations to tackle both technical and content issues at the level of compliance aligning with your business.

What We Do

  1. Work with your team to understand your business; how your digital experience functions and serves intended users; and levels of necessary compliance to maintain.
  2. Conduct an accessibility assessment of the digital experience, evaluated against established compliance standards.
  3. Perform and document analysis of how assessment findings should best be addressed, within the context of your specific business.

What You Receive

  1. Report revealing raw results and accessibility issues.
  2. Analysis and prioritization of identified issues, based on Severity, Impact and/or Risk.
  3. Additional recommendations, based on the specific profile of your business, industry, user community, etc.
  4. Remediation next steps for implementing recommended changes in a logical and effective manner.
  5. A detailed list of recommendations, based on your results, to take the first steps on becoming more web compliant.

Heuristics Audit

Get a clear picture of quick wins and fixable issues to improve your website with our comprehensive Heuristics Audit. Our UX experts will evaluate your website and report back on key findings to improve the user experience and optimize goal conversions.

What We Do

  1. Work with your team, via virtual workshops, to establish, document, and rank key user personas and desired outcomes on crucial webpages, from both a business and user perspective.
  2. Perform a heuristics analysis to reveal how well the website performs (uptime, load time, links, etc.), and how easily customers can complete desired actions
  3. Analyze user control and freedom, consistency, standards, error prevention, recognition rather than recall, aesthetics, flexibility, and more.

What You Receive

  1. Audience segmentation/persona review and recommend workshop.
  2. Website heuristics analysis.
  3. User experience findings and recommendations report.
  4. User tasks and prioritization workshop.

Usability Audit

Combining website analytics, session recordings, heatmaps, and other behavioral analytics, our Usability Audit reveals customers’ true experience on your website. We’ll identify points of confusion and disruption, helping you streamline the path to purchase or conversion.

What We Do

  1. Conduct a thorough review of your site and analytics to analyze traffic sources, visitor recordings, funnel pathways, and the KPIs you value most.
  2. Talk to your stakeholders to understand goals, performance, and user perceptions.
  3. Develop UX hypotheses about path-to-purchase effectiveness – then back it up with web and behavioral analytics tools.
  4. Provide strategic recommendations and improvements, prioritized by their potential impact on website performance and user experience.

What You Receive

  1. Discovery and strategy workshop - defining goals, objectives, and metrics.
  2. Comprehensive analytics report, including web analytics and Hotjar heatmaps, visitor recordings, and funnel pathways to understand user engagement.
  3. Detailed evaluation of the current website’s usability, including drop off points and unexpected findings.
  4. Roadmapping and implementation workshop, with actionable recommendations to enhance website experience.

Competitive Audit

Where are you losing to competitors? Understand your market position and outmaneuver your competitors with our Competitive Audit. By analyzing your competitors’ websites and looking to leaders outside your industry, we uncover actionable recommendations to uplevel your digital experience, gain a competitive edge, and optimize market share.

What We Do

  1. Work with you to prioritize a list of key competitors, plus leaders in similar industries.
  2. Perform a usability assessment on each competitors’ website to evaluate how easily personas can complete typical tasks.
  3. Perform an in-depth review of their public web experiences - focusing on brand, design, usability, editorial content, market standards, user experience, and innovation.
  4. Rank your website in comparison to each competitor to highlight areas of strength and opportunity.

What You Receive

  1. Competitor workshop to help you identify relevant competitors inside and outside your industry.
  2. Comprehensive competitive analysis report, including marketing positioning and strategic recommendations.
  3. Detailed findings and tailored recommendations to leverage against competitors.

Data + Action Plans to Improve Your CX

Our comprehensive audits and workshops provide the data and strategic recommendations to continuously improve your user engagement and performance.

  1. Understand your status quo - quick wins and issues.
  2. Work hands-on with our expert team (across digital strategy, design, UX, analytics, and technology).
  3. Get an action plan to improve your digital experience.

Choose one audit, or combine audits, for a more comprehensive analysis of your existing digital strategy and opportunities to accelerate business goals.

Every CX has the opportunity to be better. Get your strategic plan.  
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