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Marketing tip – Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap

We had a great turnout for our June 22nd webinar: Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap. (See the recorded presentation below.)

Our intention was to make the IBM Marketing Cloud (IMC) simple by walking through use cases for each tool. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The thing is, IBM has been developing the IMC for some time now – adding new tools, revamping existing products, and integrating them together in awesome ways. All the moving parts are tricky to track.

Once you get the names straight, the powerful capabilities of the IMC are hard to beat. Together, they offer big and small-picture insights into customers’ activity and behavior across channels, so marketers can reach out at the right moment, via the right channel, and with a compelling message customers can’t resist.

Today, we’ll give you a quick recap of how each tool is used by busy marketers to supercharge their campaigns. Download our handout, above, to see estimates of the cost, availability, and level of effort to install each tool.

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Get our Beginner’s Silverpop Email Build Guide


We’ve taken our extensive Silverpop experience (eight years using the tool and 19 Silverpop Certified Pros) and developed a step-by-step Silverpop Email Build Guide to help you learn your way around the tool.

We go over the basics of designing, building, testing, and sending emails, cover email best practices, and recommend checklists to help you create emails that convert customers.

We hope this helps!

Webinar recap – Best Friend Brands

We’ve all been there – you register in advance for a terrific webinar, but then life happens, and you miss it. You plan on listening to the recording, but just can’t squeeze in that hour of time. Don’t worry – we’re attending webinars left and right to summarize the key points for you. Let’s learn from industry rock stars together.

Yesterday, we attended Best Friend Brands: Tips for Getting into Your Customers’ Inner Circle, presented by Silverpop’s Dave Walters. (Full disclosure – we are a Silverpop partner. We love Silverpop and super smart and talented Dave Walters.)

Silverpop's Dave Walters
Companies are striving to differentiate themselves within extremely crowded and competitive markets. One way industry leaders get ahead is tapping into their brand’s inner circle – the few diehard, repeat customers, who always open their messages.

Top 5 Inner Circle

7billionAccording to Dave and in theme with the e-card (right), consumers build lasting relationships with only about 5 brands at a time. These select few are considered “best friend brands” that consumers are happy to engage with on a regular basis.

Throughout the webinar, Dave showed off his own 5 best friend brands (Delta Airlines, Creative Market, eBags, Gilt, and Spotify) and the awesome tactics and messages that won them entry into Dave’s inner circle. (Get the full presentation here.)

Growing your inner circle

Email is smarter and more effective today – it’s ultimately a channel of conversion and a powerful relationship-building tool. How can you leverage email to nurture your super fans, so they accept you into their inner circle?

1)  Be relevant – send messages based on individual customer’s interests and behavior.
2)  Be trustworthy – respect your email list. Your actions need to be consistent with your messaging. Don’t over-send, spam, or share email addresses with third parties.

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Silverpop How To: setting up + using automated behavior updates

Silverpop’s Largest Digital Agency Brings You…

A Silverpop How-To

This week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Online Marketing Managers, Aaron Lemley. Aaron is Silverpop Certified and takes a creative approach to implementing high-performing email campaigns. Here, he discusses: how to setup automated behavior updates, and why these Silverpop system fields can make your next campaign more successful. Let’s take a closer look.

At Whereoware, we’re always looking for new ways to leverage customer behavior in our email campaigns. If you’re new to Silverpop, or looking to use more behavior-based criteria in your next mailing, we recommend you setup automated behavior updates.

Once setup, these system fields allow you to target customers based on the last time they opened an email, clicked a link in an email, or were sent an email. You can imagine the various applications of automated behavior updates – as a safeguard to reduce message fatigue (ex. contact has not been sent an email in the past two days); to target inactive customers with reengagement campaigns (ex. We miss you!); and to better score your leads (ex. contact has clicked in the past week).

You can setup this Silverpop feature in just five minutes. Download our Silverpop How To: setting up + using automated behavior updates to take your email campaigns to the next level.

For more information on this topic please consult the Silverpop Knowledge base. Have any questions for Aaron? Let us hear them!

Silverpop how-to: setting up a birthday email program

faithThis week we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Online Marketing Managers, Faith Albers. Faith is Silverpop Certified and played an integral role in setting up the campaign that won Silverpop’s Crawl, Walk Run Programs competition. Here, she shows you the easiest way to set up a birthday campaign – even if you’re not collecting birth dates!

Hopefully you already have a “Birthday” field in your database. If you haven’t been collecting birthdays, don’t worry – it’s not too late! Start collecting birthdays on your email sign up form or email preferences form. You can always send an email asking the subscriber to share their birthday. Here’s an example from B2C Retailer, Mud Pie:

Mud Pie birthday email

Setting up the actual birthday campaign takes 4 easy steps: Continue reading.

Whereoware wins Silverpop’s 2013 consulting partner of the year

ATLANTA, May 23, 2013 – Silverpop, the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile and social, today announces its 2013 North American Partners of the Year. The awards were presented at Amplify, Silverpop’s eleventh annual customer conference, in front of more than 700 customers and partners. The awards went to EPiServer for technology partner of the year, Maritz Loyalty Marketing for agency partner of the year and Whereoware for consulting partner of the year.

“Silverpop’s partner network plays a critical role in helping us make our vision of behavioral marketing automation a reality,” said Will Schnabel, senior vice president of global business development at Silverpop. “Today’s buyers expect highly relevant, personalized content, and this year’s award recipients have gone above and beyond to ensure Silverpop customers have every tool at their disposal to effectively incorporate buyer behavior into their marketing efforts. We’re thrilled to formally recognize EPiServer, Maritz Loyalty Marketing and Whereoware for the work they’ve done to help ensure our customers’ success.”
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Silverpop how-to: using web tracking to drive dynamic content

michelleThis week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Web Marketing Managers, Michelle Graves. Michelle is Silverpop Certified and works with some of our most high-profile clients. Here, she walks us through using website behavior to create relevant personalized emails.

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for one-size-fits all email marketing. There are tools that make it easy to identify online user behavior right down to the topic or page they visited. With this type of information at your fingertips, it’d be silly NOT to target emails towards customer interests!

Think about this concept in your own life: would you rather a store employee help you find clothes in your size and style, or just haphazardly throw all sorts of garments in your cart? This is a light-hearted example, but it’s representative of a larger pattern. Automated, targeted messages have become all the rage for one crucial reason: your customers like them. Continue reading

Silverpop how-to: setting up a basic preferences center

danThis week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Online Marketing Managers, Dan Caro. Dan is Silverpop Certified and is in charge of designing and optimizing email campaigns for many Whereoware clients. Here, he discusses the ins and outs of the Silverpop preferences center feature, why you should set one up for yourself, and how to go about doing just that! Let’s take a closer look.

If you’re new to the Silverpop platform, you may not know what a “preferences center” is. That’s okay! It’s simply a feature that allows your recipients to opt in and out of content lists based on their email preferences.

We’ve found that this is a great way to build trust and rapport with your recipients. Providing options demonstrates that you respect your customers’ choices; you acknowledge that they may not want to receive everything you are sending, and they appreciate that you are being mindful and respectful of their wishes. It’s a win-win situation! Continue reading

Silverpop how-to: using Contact Insight

Peter_BHG_Sept13This week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Web Marketing Managers, Peter Bergen. Peter is a Certified Salesforce Administrator and is also Silverpop Certified. Here, he walks us through Silverpop’s Contact Insight feature, sharing what it does, why it works, and what a difference it can make for your marketing.

If you’re just getting started with Silverpop, then you might not be aware of all of the neat features that are built right into the platform. One of those features that I think everyone takes for granted is Contact Insight.

What makes this so important? The Contact Insight function provides rich information on your contacts’ online behaviors, including the emails they’ve opened, the links they’ve clicked, the pages on your website they’ve visited, and much more.

The Contact Insight page, which is available out-of-the-box for all records in all of your Engage databases, can be accessed through the Engage platform, sent in lead alerts, and integrated with your lead/contact detail pages in your Salesforce environment. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics: Continue reading