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Careers + Culture – 3 Things I Learned Interning at a Digital Agency

Marketing Intern AmandaToday, we welcome a guest post from Marketing Intern Amanda Whitaker. Amanda’s finishing up her summer-long internship at Whereoware and starts her senior year of college this fall. We’re excited to hear her perspective on interning at a digital agency.

Hi everyone!

I concentrate in Marketing and IT at the University of Virginia, so I knew I wanted to intern at a marketing agency this summer. I was excited to find Whereoware, a local digital agency. At first glance, Whereoware had an awesome culture and did interesting work with a lot of cool clients. (Upon further inspection, all of these things were true.)

As my internship comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my great experience working here. I learned so much about email marketing. (I didn’t realize emails had to be coded in HTML and CSS before I started, so you could say I’ve come a long way.)

To any students on the fence, I definitely recommend getting an internship in your field. It’s truly been an eye-opening experience. Overall, here are the top three things I learned interning at a digital agency.

1. Internships provide diverse, hands-on learning experiences

This summer, I had the privilege of working on emails and helping with projects for at least 10 clients. Through these hands-on projects, I learned email design and deliverability best practices, and how to apply them to different clients.

I gained valuable skills in email coding, the IBM Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, and Excel. I also got experience working with a diverse team of creative and talented people, and I’m grateful to have learned from so many of them.

When you’re looking into internships, I recommend asking whether you’ll be getting your hands dirty on real projects. If I’d only been taking coffee orders all summer, I wouldn’t have gained the real-life skills or insights into agency life that’ll give me an advantage when I’m job searching in the future.

2. Tap into free resources to update your skills, regardless of your experience level

Before this summer, I had no knowledge of HTML or CSS. While I learned a lot from colleagues, I also found free tools that helped me when I was starting out.

SoloLearn provides a great basic overview of several coding languages, including HTML and CSS. The great thing about SoloLearn is it can be accessed online or through a mobile app, so you can learn to code from anywhere. I also used W3 Schools as a quick reference for looking up HTML symbols.

Another crucial area of knowledge I lacked was Google Analytics. Did you know Google Analytics Academy offers free videos on the basics? These videos combined with hands-on projects helped me understand how to navigate Google Analytics.

If you’re struggling to land an internship or find a new job, use free resources to expand your skill set. Understanding HTML and analytics are transferable skills in most industries and will help you stand out from the competition.

3. Work culture makes a huge difference

I saw firsthand how an awesome culture affects employees and the overall organization.

When work is flexible and casual, yet efficient, people are happy, work hard, and have fun doing it. Whereoware has events every month, free snacks and drinks, and a rooftop area with WiFi where you can work and socialize. There are whiteboards all over the office to brainstorm, stuffed animals everywhere, and a variety of different work spaces to change it up from the classic cubicle.

When I graduate college, I’ll look for my first employer to have the same focus on culture. I learned at Whereoware how culture influences your workday happiness and attracts helpful, hardworking, and fun employees.

Thinking of interning? Do it!

For college students interested in marketing, web development, mobile development, or related fields, I recommend interning at a digital agency. Not only will you learn about marketing in general, but you’ll also gain technical skills invaluable to so many career paths. As a bonus, digital agencies are fun, fast-paced, and exciting to work for! It’s a great way to spend your summer.

Interested in joining Whereoware’s team? Check out our current job openings.

Website + Email Optimization Checklists

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our workshop: Quick Wins for Website + Email Success today in the DC Metro Area! As promised, both the website + email checklists are available for download below.

Website Checklist:
Our Website Checklist highlights the most important aspects your website needs to be a lead generation machine. From set up to trust building to relevant and fresh content, our checklist sets you up for success. See the Website Quick Wins slides.

Email Checklist:
Our Email Optimization checklist walks through tried and true techniques for crafting and sending emails that capture inbox attention, convince your audience of your message, and close the sale, conversion, etc. Follow along with our checklist to feel confident every time you hit send. See the Email Quick Wins slides.

Marketing tip – 4 Marketing Lessons From Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO Perhaps you’ve seen them – throngs of zombie-eyed wanderers clutching cellphones in one hand, swiping rabidly with the other; murmuring gibberish under their breaths punctuated by victorious fist pumps.

Perhaps you even know a guy, who’s heard of a guy, who swears he’s seen the infamous Mewtwo, one of the ever-elusive “Legendary”.

No, these impromptu, impersonal public gatherings aren’t the advent of The Walking Dead, nor a particularly sluggish flash mob.

They’re ambitious Pokémon trainers, living their 90’s-era-obsession with “Catching ‘Em All” in the real world.

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Marketing tip – Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap

We had a great turnout for our June 22nd webinar: Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap. (See the recorded presentation below.)

Our intention was to make the IBM Marketing Cloud (IMC) simple by walking through use cases for each tool. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The thing is, IBM has been developing the IMC for some time now – adding new tools, revamping existing products, and integrating them together in awesome ways. All the moving parts are tricky to track.

Once you get the names straight, the powerful capabilities of the IMC are hard to beat. Together, they offer big and small-picture insights into customers’ activity and behavior across channels, so marketers can reach out at the right moment, via the right channel, and with a compelling message customers can’t resist.

Today, we’ll give you a quick recap of how each tool is used by busy marketers to supercharge their campaigns. Download our handout, above, to see estimates of the cost, availability, and level of effort to install each tool.

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