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SEO Tip – How SEO grew revenue 701%

Whereoware Search Manager Jay MarkwoodToday, we welcome a guest post from Whereoware’s Senior Search Manager Jay Markwood. Jay specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and executes search, display and remarketing campaigns for paid search clients. 

Jay walked us through how he optimized client’s website for organic search, ultimately growing revenue 701%. See all the steps by downloading the case study, below.


WHO: is an online retailer of Motorola barcode scanners and peripherals.


Launched in February 2014,’s website experienced steady traffic and revenue growth through mid-2015.

Due to increased competition from other online barcode scanner websites,’s traffic and revenue plateaued in July 2015.

SOLUTION: brought in Whereoware in early March 2016 to manage their pay-per-click (PPC) accounts and optimize their website for organic search traffic, conversions, and increased market share.

Get the case study to see how Whereoware identified missed opportunities and executed search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, growing revenue 701% and moving to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

2016 B2B + B2C Holiday E-commerce Toolkits

2016 Holiday ToolkitsThe moment you’ve all been waiting for… the 2016 B2B + B2C Holiday E-commerce Toolkits are here!

What’s in your toolkit?

1. 2016 E-commerce calendar for 2016 chock full of holiday campaign ideas

2. Holiday Email Inspiration

3. Stats from last year’s sales season, so you can benchmark your performance

4. A bunch of other marketing resources, like email templates, how-to’s, and mobile tips.

5. A recording from our Holiday Readiness webinar, in case you missed it.

Email tip – How Responsive Email Templates Cut Production Time in Half

Plow and Hearth Responsive Email TemplatesConsumers increasingly interact with brands from their mobile devices, and in many instances, mobile might be a customer’s only impression of a brand. It’s imperative that customers receive an excellent user experience from every device.


Plow & Hearth is a multi-channel retailer of quality hearth, yard and garden, apparel, and outdoor and indoor living products.


In 2015, 50% of Plow & Hearth’s emails were opened on mobile devices, but their emails were not mobile-friendly.

Like many retailers, they had a small team that was inexperienced in coding emails and a very aggressive email schedule. They were ready to dive into mobile email, but weren’t sure whether responsive or scalable design would be the best approach for their family of six brands.


Plow & Hearth reached out to Whereoware to develop mobile-friendly email templates for their team to update and maintain ongoing.

Due to the large volume of emails sent, and the limited staff/resources to put emails together, Whereoware had to think of a creative and straightforward way for less experienced email builders to construct anywhere from 30-60 emails in one week.

Read the short case study to see how Whereoware worked with Plow & Hearth to deliver three responsive email templates – increasing quality of 60+ emails a week and cutting email production time in half.

PPC Tip – increasing pay-per-click ad spend ROI


Fitz and Floyd is a leader in designing and manufacturing hand-painted ceramics, dinnerware, gifts, collectibles, and home décor.


Whereoware developed pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic to, but these campaigns were underperforming for revenue in January 2016.


Whereoware’s search team analyzed Fitz and Floyd’s current PPC campaigns and identified three areas for improvement. Read the short case study (right) to see how  small changes to their under-performing campaigns ultimately grew the return on ad spend 105%.

Case Study – Colonial Candle April Fool’s Day Campaign

Brands send a flurry of emails leading up to important shopping holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s, but there are so many under-celebrated holidays throughout the year. Sometimes, brands’ offbeat holiday promotions make an even greater impact, because they face far less inbox competition than on larger holidays.

April Fool’s Day is one overlooked holiday that allows brands to step out of their comfort zone + engage customers in ways that would NEVER fly any other day of the year. (Did you see what we did?)

Our client Colonial Candle took a creative approach to their April Fool’s Day promotion. See how it paid off big time.

Colonial CandleWho:

Colonial Candle is a B2B+ B2C retailer of candles + candle accessories.


Colonial Candle wanted to celebrate April Fool’s Day without being gimmicky. They intended to intrigue customers with different creative than their typical email designs and drive them to the website to ultimately convert.

Continue reading Case Study – Colonial Candle April Fool’s Day Campaign

Email tip – welcome emails start relationships right

When prospects engage with your brand, are you just leaving them hanging? Let’s change that!

Instead, when a prospect interacts (by signing up for your email list or downloading a case study, for example), show them how much you value their attention by sending them a friendly + helpful  Welcome email.

A timely Welcome email tells recipients you are excited to start a relationship. They’re well worth the effort – Welcome emails typically see higher engagement than other emails, because the prospect has shown they’re interested + are open to hearing from you in the future.

Ready to show your audience you adore them by sending an excellent Welcome email? Get our Welcome Emails case study to see proven tactics and real-life examples of getting the customer relationship started on the right foot.

Welcome Email


Web tip – Sullivans’ personalized B2B e-commerce website

Sullivans Personalized Website


Sullivans is a B2B wholesaler of floral products, seasonal décor, and home décor.


Sullivans was ready to redesign their website to be mobile-friendly and easier to update to reflect promotions and merchandising.

They had in-depth understanding of their retailer audience, and the products each cared about. They wanted their new website to deliver a personalized shopping experience, so retailers shopping specific product lines would always see content reflective of their inventory needs.


In November 2015, Whereoware designed and built Sullivans a new responsive website. The personalized B2B e-commerce website places the right product in front of the right customer at the right time to make shopping easy and intuitive for retailers. The site is easy to update and delivers an exceptional user experience from every device.

Check out the case study (above) to see Sullivans’ new website in action!

Analytics tip – 5 Excel Basics for Clean Data

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Senior Project Manager, Aaron Lemley. Aaron is our go-to guy for turning complex datasets into valuable, actionable marketing insights.

Thanks to analytics tools and online databases, we collect an unparalleled volume of data in every aspect of our business. Clean and accurate data is essential for data-driven decision making, but we frequently receive incorrect or inconsistent data.

All marketers should know the basics of cleansing and manipulating data in Excel, so it’s consistent and ready to be imported into your CRM, marketing automation tool, or database.

Today’s how-to guide, 5 Excel Basics for Clean Data, is a starting point to help you cleanse a simple dataset. We’ve used a very basic dataset (only five contacts) to make the steps easy to follow.

Get the how-to guide and you’ll have a clean slate to start analyzing and importing data.

Video – New Personalized Mud Pie Website

We had a great time last week at the Episerver Ascend Conference in Las Vegas! Our session, co-presented with Mud Pie, walked through their new customer-centric, personalized B2C website, built by Whereoware using WOWCommerce + Episerver. Check out the video (below) produced by Episerver featuring Mud Pie eCommerce Manager, Andrea Ouargli + our very own Senior Online Marketing Manager, Faith Albers!

See below for more details about the challenges Mud Pie faced with their old website + the successes the new website garnered.


Whereoware executes behavior-based, personalized emails for Mud Pie to increase engagement and drive sales on their website. Unfortunately, the personalization was one-way. Mud Pie’s website didn’t have the functionality to dynamically display promotions targeting Mud Pie’s different audience segments. (Everyone saw the same promotion.) Mud Pie wanted to personalize their customers online experience on both their website and in their emails.


In 2015, Whereoware delivered Mud Pie a powerful new B2C website using WOWCommerce, an accelerator package built on top of their e-commerce platform Episerver.  The new site is powered to leverage behavioral data from their website, marketing database, and email marketing tool to deliver a personalized shopping experience to every visitor.

For a more in-depth look into the personas + results, get the Mud Pie B2C Website case study.